Our approach is personable, flexible and professional. Our team is thorough and for every assignment will start from first principles to establish the client exact needs, or a candidate real aspiration. from this starting point we will use our expert knowledge and extensive contact network to provide a timely an efficient recruitment service.


On first registering either your recruitment vacancy, or for candidates your career aspirations, we will ensure that we take the time to properly understand your needs and the directions you want to go. This thorough briefing and set up phase are essential to the smooth running of your assignment. We will discuss requirements in detail during this phase to ensure your time and options and optimised throughout.


Our team constantly maintains a broad network of candidates and clients in each of our specialist sectors. The reach provided to our candidates and clients through these networks provide a number of key benefits only available with a specialist. We are ahead of the curve in understanding your roles, your aspirations and also on finding more rapid available candidates from our established network. Allied to this we subscribe to news, project and recruitment data sources for each sector and through advertising, specific networking and candidate targeting we can enhance our reach further.


You will get just the right level of communication during the assignment, and it will be shaped to how you prefer to work from our initial briefing. The sharing of available candidate information, shortlists, references and portfolios will be concise and organised. Providing overview and background information is seamless, and the opportunity
to discuss a candidate’s attributes, or an employer’s benefits will always be fully given before committing to interview. This pre-interview thoroughness optimises your time and ensures we maintain the very highest levels of success from interview for all involved.


Your Flux Consulting consultant will be a dynamic presence during your search or assignment. They will coordinate all the details required to arrive at a successful conclusion. They know that where there is genuine interest from a client or candidate the most secure way to a successful conclusion is to keep things flowing. They will take on the strain of interview scheduling, of information exchange and coordinating questions and feedback.


As your assignment nears its conclusion our team understand the closing process form both sides – and can help create a positive and exciting acceptance of offer, and guide away from some of the common pitfalls that can jeopardise a great match at the paperwork stage. They will act as full intermediary presenting and closing any individual details required in getting both parties looking forward to a future start date with great anticipation.